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At our treatment centre, we specialise in providing treatment with Ruqya followed by our unique method of JINN CATCHING. The centre is not open for patients to visit us, we only perform Sessions in distance .Feel free to contact about your requirements and  by the will of Allah you will notice a difference in your health within a short period of time, it should be followed by treatment see Ruqya Bath section. We endeavour to treat Black Magic, Evil Eye and Jinn Possession. We speak English, Portuguese ,Urdu, Gujarati, Katchi, Spanish and Hindi. Jinn catching is done by distance in absence of the patient from any part of the World. Quranic Healing has got no limitations and boundaries, even thousands of miles of distance!!! .You just need to provide your full name, date of birth,  and full address . With Jinn Catching it is also possible session to clear the house from Jinns. We do not offer training services at this centre and its not open for visits.please note : some information required only to fill  patients records.


Self Treatment (basic but important rules)

  • Try to remain in wudu all the time
  • Keep your home clean and smelling fresh
  • Empty all bins regularly especially for the kitchen
  • Keep all food covered
  • Wash all dishes as soon as possible
  • Do not discuss your issues un-necessarily
  • Remove any sadness from your home and your life
  • Always remain happy (even if you are feeling low)
  • Avoid any arguments, these actions make the jinns and shayateen very happy.


Be Thankful During The Period Of Illness

The Messenger of Allah (صلى الله عليه و سلم) said, “When the slave is ill, Allah ta’ala sends two angels to him. They listen to what the patient says to his visitors. If the patient praises Allah and lauds Him in front of his visitors, the angels take that to Allah, the Mighty, the Majestic, and He knows best, and He says, ‘If I make my slave die, I will make him enter the Garden. If I heal him, I will replace his flesh with better flesh and his blood with better blood and I will efface his evil actions.”


My Aim and Role

I am a professional Raaqi. My job is to do jinn catching (exorcist). If you have been influenced by sihr, I am here to do jinn catching for you by a unique method that does not contradict the Quran and Sunnah and provide you with all the help, advice and support you need to beat the sihr and free yourself from shyiateen that have been sent by the magician to make your life hell.