Ruqya Bath

Ruqya Bath

Ruqya baths are a very effective way to weaken and remove the effects of Seher, evil eye and jinn possessions and its KEY PART of follow up treatment after the first jinn catching session. You may not feel motivated to have Ruqyah bath due to influence of Seher and Jinns,no one else can force you to do it so it’s up to you to push yourself and build up your resolve and will power. From experience, we can tell you that these baths are VERY worthwhile and are definitely worth the time and effort. Don’t ignore them or take them lightly!!
Patient Representative
There is a possibility where someone else does the treatment representing the actual patient. This is a matter of intention and prayer. The person must have a very strong emotional link with the patient. He will bathe with Quran water with the intention of bathing the ill person and asking Allah to bring this Quran water onto his black magic and to cure him. He does the for 12/21 days. If the person himself has a treatment to follow, he will just have to add the intention of curing the other person as well. According to our experience, this technique has already worked, but it depends on the bathing person’s intention and prayers.

Intensive Treatment

It remains possible to intensify the treatment if a person is seriously affected or if a quick improvement is needed. Intensive treatment consists of bathing twice a day instead of once, and possibly reciting the Quran on the patient every few days or every day or several times a day, and to massage the painful places on the body with Habba Sawda/ Olive Quranic oil. If the situation seems difficult to solve, we ask the patient to recite surat Al-Fatiha 125 times a day and then to give alms of the Hasanat gained by saying: “Allah, the good actions I gained with this recitation, I give them to persons who need it, and I am asking you to solve my problem or to show me the solution”, then the person should attention to any dreams he might have because therein he might see the solution. patient also recites daily , lâ ilaha illa anta subhânaka inni kontu mina dhalimîn to be recited 300 times a day.
Remember, all cures and healing are from Allah so make intention ( Yaa Allah, nullify all kind of seher (magic), ain (evil eye) and mas (touch of jinn) that are on every blessing that you bestowed upon me. Give me hidaya and to every male and female jinns that are negatively affecting me or harming me in any shape or form. I seek refuge in You from the evil of my nafs and shayaateen. I beg You to cure me from all kind of physical, spiritual and emotional illnesses).
How to Prepare Ruqya Bath
This is only for those who want to prepare for themselves.
Have one Gallon of water one litre of extra virgin olive oil and 12 incense sticks, cones or any bakhoor of your choice.
Place all the items before you opened and read
11 times each
Sura Fatiha
Sura baqara 102
Ayatul kursy
Sura alaraf 117 to 122
Sura yunuss 79 to 82
Sura Taha 65 to 70
sura Ikhlas
Sura falak
Sura Nass
and each time you read blow hard on the above items.

Or you can buy treatment pack.

Soak the Quranic sheet provided in a Gallon of water and soak the quran sheet for about 20 minutes until the ink is dissolved then remove the Quran sheet let it dry and burn it in order to protect the Quran and dispose it in a clean place. Now you have Ruqyah bath water. Note: to be more effective we would advice to buy a treatment pack from ourselves, olive oil supplied has more verses recited on them. In this case you dont need to read the above given verses but if you do so thats fine.

Add each day in Bathing Water (recommended)

One table spoon cider vinagre, one tea spoon coarse salt, one table spoon rose water and 7 sidr leaves crushed, one tea spoon of crushed Sidr = to 7 leaves.
1)Pour every day without GAP for 12/21 days immediately after Magrib with 1.5litres to 2 litres on your body make sure you step on a big tub so that you can collect the water to throw in a clean place ex. garden saying BISMILLAH before throwing. Do not wipe the body.
2) Cover your body with a cloth sheet after the bath and light the incense stick and let the smoke cover your body for about 10 minutes,asking ALLAH SUBHANA WA TAALA to remove your problems.
3)After smoke rub your body with recited olive oil including hair.
Note for the Female patients:
Do not start the treatment while in menses, in case you have it during the treatment don’t stop if your case require urgent treatment otherwise stop and repeat the whole process from the beginning and protect yourself before pouring the water over you. Exemption to sisters that have irregular menses.
4) Spray your house, walls, roof, floor,door, windows,shop, car, and work place.just once should be sufficient.

A sheet with 45 Ayates and whole Sura Baqara (12 /21 days bath to soak in water)

Note: The Quran sheet is printed in edible Halal ink.