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  1. salam. sheikh Abdul qayyum do perform roqyah according to quran and sunnah.i went to many raqis,my best friend is raqi and spent a lot of time with him.but allah cured me from sheikh Abdul qayyum hands .very important only allah cure and no raqi can cure,raqi is a just means and it is premissable to seek ruqyah as long as there is no shirk involve. sheikh Abdul qayyum masha allah may allah protect him and reward him of helping patients of victims of black magic. his ruqyah is according to quran and sunnah. who care of the criticism.good sincere muslims always get criticism because when shaytan see some one sincere towards allah he always create problems and obstacles to stop the sincere person.people,s called prophet Mohamed a mad man. people,s called prophet Mohamed a sorcerer.

  2. Asalaam.
    Dear brothers and sisters in Islam. I have used Sheikh Abdul Qayuum’s method to help me with the removal of Sihr. Alhumdullilah, I have found that with the permission of Allah SWT, this is an effective method ad most importantly, a method that has no association with either Shirk or Bidah (and Allah SWT knows best).
    I would highly recommend this method for the removal of Sihr and in particular through Sheikh Abdul Qayuum.
    May the Sheikh be rewarded in abundance for his effort and sacrifice. Ameen

  3. Assalam brothers & sisters I would just like to say that I have been using brother sheikh Abdul qayum,method of treatment & I must say subhanallah I have seen a big change within myself.I have had many treatments in the past, but using this brother method & treatment has changed my life by the will of Allah,There’s is no shirk or bidah in this treatment,And may Allah protect this brother & family & reward him,for helping people who are suffering with blackmagic an sihir.The mercy an shifah comes from Allah always remember that.But Allah sends people like sheikh Abdul qayum to help us.But you have to have full trust an faith in Allah.May Allah grant sheikh Abdul qayum reward for his work.

  4. Selam
    I just want to thank sheikh Abdul for the treatment that he did for me and my family. His treatment is a life changing. We suffered a lot and sheik Abdul helped us a lot with his method of treatment so thanks to Allah first and Sheik Abdul we are now cured. I have no words to describe how helpful his treatment is and also to thank Sheikh Abdul for his help. May Allah Bless him and his Family

  5. Allhumdillah. My very first session 3 years ago when i became very distressed.
    I stopped eating, became very angry, shaking of my bed, screaching in my ears, severe chest pains close enough to passing out .
    Also l would be pushed to the floor like someone has grabbed me by my shoulders and pushed me with full force.
    Gruesome nightmares, horrible disturbing images appearring as soon as i closed my eyes, and many other very obvious signs of black majic.
    I never went to no peer faqeer in some dodgy alley way, because i didn’t trust them, until I was introduced to abdul quyum through my dad’s nephew who is truly a Angel. He is the one who saved me from losing my mind because i was very close to suicide b4 he helped me.
    After my session was done i felt tired and very sleepy but i was told this will happen.
    After that i did Ruqia ( wet cupping )
    I also was told to wash myself, firstly to clean myself, then poor quran water over for ten day just b4 magrib. I also drank the sana leave cava which emptied any gins inside my stomach. After a day or 2 i started to feel completely normal again , infact better than l was b4 . Allhumdillah all the black magic just left like that!! I read manzil dua twice a day , pray all my 5 compulsory prayers and also try my best to read surah yasin 3 times a day. I have had no symstoms 3 years on .
    You have done an amazing job. My allah give you a home in the highest rank of jannah .
    A little advice for the people who are still struggling with black majic… U MUST READ YOUR PROTECTION DUAS ( manzil ) everday Surah yasin everyday and play surah bakarah in yr room every other day and nothing will harm you from the grace of Allah . Inshallah
    Once again thanku for saving me. My faith has become soo much stronger, may allah be happy with us all , ameen.

  6. Salaam, thank you so much for talking me through the process, and being honest about it, I appreciate the time you have given me. May Allah reward you.ameen

  7. Asalamwalaykum brothers and sisters,

    I Would like to leave a testimonial for brother Abdul Qayoom and his method of treatment.

    I have been suffering for more than 3 decades from Witchcraft, harm from the Jinn and the evil eye.

    The illnesses, pains, and ailments caused by witchcraft, etc, affected me in every aspect of my life. My health, my financial affairs, my ability to work effectively, my relationships with other people, especially my immediate family and relatives, and much much more.

    Only Allah SWT knows the true extent of the hardships I’ve had to endure over the years and the loss and damage that this debilitating illness has had on me and my affairs.

    I have travelled to many countries for treatment. Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, and the U.K. I did make progress but during these trips but it wasn’t lasting progress. It felt like I was always going in circles.

    I knew of the Prophet’s (S.A.W.) statement, “ Allah has not sent down an illness except that he has (also) sent down its cure. Whoever knows about it knows about and whoever is ignorant about it then he is ignorant about it ”.

    So I carried on looking. For about 2 years I’ve been aware of the Jinn Catching method and have been researching about it. Once realizing that this method in no way opposes the Quran and Sunnah and is viewed as such by many Islamic authorities. Moreover, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia is aware of this method and has not said that its impermissible or unlawful.

    Alhamdulillah, since I’ve started my sessions with brother Abdul Qayoom I’ve made really great progress. The pains in my body and head have greatly reduced and I am much calmer at home with my family and loved ones. I sleep a lot better. My resolve to do productive and good actions and actually follow through on them is nothing like before. My thinking is so much better and clearer. My enthusiasm and desire for working and getting on with my life have improved so much.

    And I’ve been able to stay awake after praying Fajr and not return to bed, which is a really big deal for anyone who’s ill with witchcraft and related it’s related illnesses.

    I completely endorse brother Abdul Qayoom’s method of treatment and recommend it wholeheartedly. In the long run, it will save you valuable life time, money, heartache and unnecessary stress.

    May Allah swt reward brother Abdul Qayoom for this great jihad he’s waging against the evil Magicians, the shayateen and their destructive witchcraft.

    May Allah reward him greatly for helping those afflicted and May Allah remove all his hardships in this life and the next.

    Ameen, Ya Rabbulalameen.

    Ali Ammar.

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