Treatment Charges

Know first that Sorcery, Jinn, or Evil eye are an ordeal of ALLAH and the Believer must turn to ALLAH and know that He gave him/her this ordeal because He loves him/her and wants to bring him/her closer to Him

” Do men think that they will be left alone on saying, “We believe”, and that they will not be tested?”

“But We have certainly tried those before them, and Allah will surely make evident those who are truthful, and He will surely make evident the liars.”Alquran 29:2-3

The tests of Allah come in different forms to different people and know that, by the help of Allah every test can become a tool to get closer to Him and that

“For indeed with hardship come ease” Alquran 94:5 and like all things of this world, this too shall pass.

Suffering can also be a test and trial for some people. Allah allows some people to suffer in order to test their patience and steadfastness. Even Allah’s Prophets and Messengers were made to suffer. Prophet Ayyub ( AS) is mentioned in the Quran as a Prophet who was very patient. Good people sometimes suffer but their sufferings heal others and bring goodness to their communities.

Allah sometimes allows some people to suffer to test others, how they react to them. When you see a person who is sick, poor and needy, then you are tested by Allah. Allah is there with that suffering person to test your charity and your faith So, in summary we can say suffering occurs to teach us that we must adhere to Allah’s natural and moral laws. It is sometimes to punish those who violate Allah’s natural or moral laws. It is to test our faith in Allah and to test our commitment to human values and charity. Whenever we encounter suffering we should ask ourselves, Have we broken any law of Allah? Let us study the cause of the problem and use the corrective methods. Could it be a punishment? Let us repent and ask forgiveness and reform our ways. Could it be a test and trial for us? Let us work hard to pass this test. Believers face the sufferings with prayers, repentance and good deeds. The non-believers face the sufferings with doubts and confusions. They blame Allah or make arguments against Him.

May Allah keep us on the right path, Amen!
Simple Rules:

  • Keep yourself paak (Clean and Pure) all the time,
  • read namaz with jamat,
  • make your living halal and stay far from haram
  • leave any sin
  • lower your gaze
  • Always speak the truth
  • make astagfar and follow Allahs commands
  • ask ALLAH to help you never commit such things in your life again

In-Sha-Allah you will see quick results in following the Treatments.
There are three conditions in Ruqya treatment

  1. Belief in cure in Allah’s Kalam (words)
  2. Intention for treatment ( Yaa Allah, nullify all kind of seher (magic), ain (evil eye) and mas (touch of jinn) that are on every blessing that you bestowed upon me. Give me hidaya and to every male and female jinns that are negatively affecting me or harming me in any shape or form. I seek refuge in You from the evil of my nafs and shayaateen. I beg You to cure me from all kind of physical, spiritual and emotional illnesses. )
  3. Will power and sacrifice.

“Whoever fears ALLAH and keeps his duty to Him, He will make a way for him to get out of every difficulty and He will provide him from sources he never could imagine.” ( At Talaq v 2)

“And if ALLAH touches you with harm there is no one who can remove it but He and if He intends any good for you there is none who can repel His favour ” ( Quran 10:107)

“Verily satan has no power over those who believe and put their trust only in their LORD. His (satans) authority is over those only, who take him as patron and who join partners with Allah. “(Quran 16:99-100)

“When Allah tests you it is never to destroy you. When He removes something in your possession it is (only) in order to empty your hands for an even greater gift!” ~ Ibn al-Qayyim

Charges are only for Jinn catching service.


Note: Generally, patients require only one or two sessions of Jinn Catching. Some Patients need minimum three session, depending on how many times Jinns (Magic) have been sent to harm the patient throughout his/her life. The Jinns are removed and converted to Islam, do not come back to harm the patient as all the satanic sacrifices offered to give them power is destroyed. Read Duas for protection daily to stay protected.

We treat each patient individually and each session can take us about one hour. In first session, at least up to ten groups of jinns are removed, this includes evil eye accumulated during many years and it is also possible to remove lover Jinn. If second session needeed more groups are removed then the first session. Each group represents one seher.We try our best to reduce the number of sessions needed for the patients with serial cases of Magic, by catching as many groups as possible within next sessions.

We provide feed back about the sorcery removed In-Sha-Allah.

So before you ask for treatment make sure that you:

  1. Believe that we are only the means to cure, no cure can be achieved without the will and permission of ALLAH.
  2. Do cupping followed by Ruqya recitation and take Senna Leaves when instructed otherwise, in some cases, no absolute cure can be achieved. Cupping removes Seher and Jinns trapped in the body and Senna leaves with Sidr leaves gets rid of the Seher from the blood, organs and stomach.
  3. Have good intentions towards your brother who shall do his best to aid you in healing process.
  4. Are aware that your case may need more then one session of Jinn Catching.

We think that these tariffs are the lowest, compared the Ruqyah treatment done in presence with other Raqis which includes ongoing trips for the sessions, time spent , etc. and in our case at the comfort of their homes patients get their treatment. By Allah’s will and power, the healer removes all the sehr that would have kept the victim jobless for most part of his life if not all or would have broken his marriage or would have lost his child or a body organ and yet some customers do not understand that the healers deserve a salary.

We take our work very seriously and do not charge any one for nothing.

The Treatment charges are as follow:


Note: For patients paying through PayPal, there is an additional charge of £10 per session.

Please Do Not ask for treatment before you have read, understood and agreed with the Disclaimer below. If we receive the payment, then you have agreed and understood the disclaimer.


I acknowledge that by asking for treatment, I am asking for jinn catching for myself and/or on behalf of my family/friends which is a practise that falls under the category of spiritual healing. I understand that this consultation offers holistic approach to my life that embraces its spiritual, mental, psychological, emotional and/or physical aspects. The healer/jinn catcher may provide me with information (no fortune telling involved) that could bring about positive change in my life but any choices I make are my personal and legal responsibility. I have sought jinn catching for my self and I take full responsibility for my decision.

I understand that all types and forms of complementary therapies are not intended to replace allopathic/traditional medical treatment and care but they rather intended to work side by side with these treatments. Nor are they intended to replace proper diagnosis and/or treatment by a qualified medical practitioner.

I accept that this consultation is offered as a scientific experiment only and that no specific results can be guaranteed by the healer. I further accept that any guidance given to me is for me to consider only.

I take full responsibility for understanding in agreeing to the terms as outlined above. Furthermore, I accept full responsibility for my own well being and for reporting my physical and psychological help to my own GP/Family Doctor/Consultant.

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Please do not SEND any payment before discussing with us through a phone call about your issues. Once money paid in is non refundable.
Please Do Not send any payment before you have read, understood and agreed with the Disclaimer above.

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We would like to inform the patients that require more than one session that the amount of time required to deal with the extra sessions is the same as first session and we cannot predict how many sessions needed. We have limited patients a week and whilst dealing with extra sessions we cannot take other patients. Minimum gap is three days between the sessions.

After the Jinn Catching session done, it’s advisable to follow the procedures described in Ruqya Bath session as soon as possible. You need to follow for at least 12 days.

We ask ALLAH to give you Shifa (Cure) AAMEEN