Quran: 17:82


And  We  send  down  of  the  Qur’an  that  which  is  healing  and  mercy  for  the  believers, but  it  does  not  increase  the  wrongdoers  except  in  loss.

 The Blessed Prophet ( صلى الله عليه و سلم). said that the best remedy is quraan.


Treating sihr involves:

  • Ruqya Bath
  • Ruqya Water 
  • Ruqya Oil for body massage
  • Senna Leaves
  • Hijama
  • Jinn Catching


Hijama (Cupping)

Hijama is also sunnah. To the nearest effect, our Prophet PBUH said that hijama is cure for 40 diseases. Hijama is used to take out the sihr which the jinns might have brought and left in the body of the patient. However, reciting Ruqya while doing hijama is necessary.How to get hijama  (cupping) done for Seher ( Magic) removal: Ask the cupper to put the cups where you experience pain or any type of discomfort, when the cups are set ask some one who has knowledge about Ruqya  recitation to recite for you, you can find the appropriate recitation  verses from the link shown in this web site. Before recitation done close your eyes, ask ALLAH to remove any negative, pain, discomfort you might experiencing and listen carefully while your eyes are closed and do not attempt to repeat the recitation only listen carefully, after the recitation normally takes 20 minutes you can open your eyes, and the cups removed. This Inshaalah will free your body from Seher