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Abdul Kayum
United Kingdom (England)

Before you contact us please make sure you read entire Jinn catching, Ruqyah bath, Eaten Seher and treatment charges sections of our website. Most importantly my testimony pages.

Contact 0044 (0)7860655815(SMS) only
Whats App also available.

Please note: Initial contact is only trough SMS please send us first a brief description of your isssues through Whats App text or IMessage (if you don’t live in the U.K) and sms or imessage or Whats App if you live in UK. After the initial contact (SMS)will give you a time to call us in order to discuss your issues and the procedures for a session.We may not take calls if you do not send message first.

These calls are only available for those Patients who are interested in discussing theirs or their loved ones Jinn related problems and need to book a session for Jinn Catching. We do not offer trainings services at our Centre and do not discuss this at all. Please keep all opinions regarding Deen and our method of treatment to yourselves.

جزاك الله خيرا